32 years ago Prince phelps Alustrian came to the city of Shalruu during a politically volatile time. The nobles were rapidly being overshadowed by the forces of the mercenary generals. Shalruu had been on the end of a expansive dynasty where many defeats at once had crippled their standing army. Mercenaries were brought in, in employ of the noble houses to keep the peace and police the city-state’s territories. The Alustrians came in and stabilized the government by securing the line of succession and eventually by bringing some of mercenaries in as nobles (deposing some of the more dangerous threats.) and then exiling the other mercenary companies that weren’t secured to the crown.Shalruu has since been renamed Alustria and has been reinforcing itself as a military power. Neighboring regions must work to enlist, or depose the mercenary bands so as not to have two battles to fight in the event of further conflict.

The Kingdom of Vercaz

Samarkand Empire.

The Shadow of War