The Kingdom of Vercaz


Vercaz lies to the of Alustria the two nations are separated by the Steppes River. The River flows along the southern border of Vercaz turning north after several hundred miles and separating it from it’s eastern neighbor the Samarkand Empire. It empties in the Bay of Yassara where the city of Hrasham sits. The largest city in Vercaz is not the capital but the city of Hrasham sitting at the estuary of the Steppes River. The city is a large trade port serving as a port for Alustria as well as Vercaz’s neighbor to the East the Samarkand Empire.Vercaz’s western border is marked by the barren and tundra like steppes. No distinct nation lies to the west, just scattered tribes and villages ekeing out an existence on the border amongst the humanoid tribes and other dangers.

Vercaz is a very old nation and owes it’s heritage to the savage tribes to the west. As the people settled in more forgiving land and became more civilized the nation emerged. Trade from the Bay of Yassara helped to influence their culture and the nation grew. One can still see the roots of the nation in her people. They have a strong self reliant streak, and a tie to the land. The Noble’s stress their old tribal ties when it suits them, but to some those are the most important ties. The people of the west view those of the north east to have lost touch with what being a true Vercazian is, those in the north east are more cosmopolitan and cultured. Vercaz’s western border receded into the steppes and the people of the west are all that stands between Vercaz and maurading bands of barbarians, humanoids, giants and wose.

Current Events

Many mercenaries displaced by the Alustrian rise to power in Alustria ended up heading to the steppes to the west and the Kingdom of Vercaz. Vercaz after years of this battle with the exiled mercenary troops and brewing tribal differences the kingdom has finally fallen. The King has died while fighting one of the rebelling Lords and has left no clear heir, his only daughter having not been seen for many years. The kingdom has fractured, Lords are laying claim to what land they can some in a greedy free for all others attempting to protect their charges from the hostility of their neighbors. Many small towns have been left to their own devices with no Royal Knights or enforcement.

Important People

The Kingdom of Vercaz

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